A cartoon of Gaius with a paintbrush painting a data visualization

Your story in motion

Improve the impact of your work through visual storytelling.

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Not only did his final work blow me away, his entire approach to the project did.

Erin K. Burrell
Founder, Burrell & Associates

Gaius J Augustus, Visual Storyteller & Multimedia Communicator

Visuals tell stories

It should be no surprise that we are drawn to visuals. Images move us, helping us to communicate complex stories quickly and easily. So let’s make your science visual!

I’m a trained artist and scientist. ready to work with you to bring your story to life.

Multimedia Communication Through Visual Storytelling | Gaius J. Augustus, PhD 7
Vector drawing of Gaius inside a mandala

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Whether you’re a university department, an organization, or an individual, your story deserves to be told visually. My unique background means I can make it happen. I’m available for professional development in an individual or group setting and commission work for exciting projects.