Gaius J. Augustus, PhD

Creative and Independent Thinker

I believe in taking a creative approach to problem-solving while implementing new technologies and solid analytical practices.
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Creative mindset

Solving problems often means breaking out of the box. I believe that embracing new tech and collaborating with other diverse thinkers are essential components of solving the most difficult problems.

Lifelong learner

I taught myself web development in middle school. Took physics for fun in high school. I learned animation while in film school. Returning to university for science, I joined 2 research labs, and then jumped into a new field for my PhD. I love learning new things.

Integrity & Honesty

I take pride in everything that I do, which means it needs to be done correctly and efficiently. This is never done in a vacuum, requiring effective communication and respect for others’ time and expertise. That’s the quality I bring to every project.

My first career path was art. I went to a fine arts high school and university, where I learned drawing, painting, sculpting, graphic design, and video production.

Now, I integrate my artistic and scientific skills to complete and communicate projects.

I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in 2014, majoring in Integrative Studies. This program was dedicated to giving motivated students the ability to customize a course plan in order to pursue a specific career goal. I chose a balance of Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology courses to get a good foundation for my continued education in the biomedical sciences.

For my PhD, I continued to integrate fields, learning bioinformatics, statistics, and epidemiology to try to tease apart risk factors and mechanisms that drive cancer progression. I was particularly interested in focusing on health disparities, hoping that my small contribution to the scientific body of knowledge might improve the lives of underserved patient populations.

About Gaius 10

Every project – whether creative, scientific, or policy driven – requires strong communication skills. In addition to my PhD work, I joined the University of Arizona Cancer Center communications team to improve those skills. I brought my visual background to the team, creating infographics and animations about recent research. But I also learned a lot about crafting scientific stories for multiple audiences.

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Let’s Connect!

I’m a trans* non-binary person who loves a challenge and wants to make the world a better place.
And I’m hoping to find a team that will allow me to grow while making a difference.