You have a message for the world, but how will you ensure that it has a broad reach? I hope that you’re here because you want to use visual storytelling to enhance your communications.

Whether you need assistance with your creative project, want to host a workshop, or need someone to create a visual story for you, I’ve got you covered.

All it takes to get started is a simple chat. Reach out to me and let’s get your project started!

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What is visual storytelling?

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A sample card from an illustrated course, “How can I strengthen my immune system?”

Visual storytelling is an engaging and interactive way to share information. It uses basic principles of storytelling including character development and story structure. Then it enhances that message through engaging imagery and interactive elements.

When done in a static medium, such as an infographic, visual storytelling gives visual context to the written word. When in a motion-based format, such as an animated video, visual storytelling makes concepts easier to digest and quicker to learn.

It’s about more than appealing art. Visual storytelling is a methodology meant to use visual and/or auditory modalities to enhance text or language-based messaging. It’s about building interesting characters facing relevant problems. It reinforces concepts with imagery, sound cues, or interactive elements. Most importantly, it engages the audience, holding their interest from beginning to end.

I have been creating visual stories through comics, live action videos, and animations for almost 20 years. Together we can bring your story to life.

I believe that visual storytelling is a magical experience that makes topics more accessible and more fun.

Who is Gaius?

What Others Are Saying

A true “unicorn”

When it comes to science communication, Gaius is a true “unicorn,” bringing together backgrounds in art and science to create eye-catching and informative images. 
Anna Christensen, MPH
Science Writer


Not only did his final work blow me away, his entire approach to the project did. Gaius spent the time to fully understand my requirements, offered regular status updates and over-delivered on the final work. I look forward to my next opportunity to have him create for me because I know it will be just as inspiring.
Erin Burrell, MBA, MBS, PgEdTech
Founder, Burrell & Associates

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About Gaius

I’m Gaius, a trans* female to male-ish non-binary queer. A trained artist and scientist, I started my career as a video editor, working with animators and filmmakers to perfect the timing of their projects. I later returned to university for scienc and earned my BSc in Integrative Studies (with a focus on Chemistry & Biology) in 2014 and my PhD in Cancer Biology in 2019. 

I was trained in fine arts, film & video production, and sound design before leaving it all for science. Now I’m putting it all together to tell cool stories about our amazing world.

I’ve always loved a good story, and yours needs to be told.

Our world is complex, and even things that seem simple at first can turn into monsters to communicate. But tell it as a story, and suddenly complicated topics become more digestible.

I create infographics, illustrations, animations, and more to tell stories like the one you’re thinking of RIGHT NOW! I also love coaching others, especially when I get to see the creations made by those I work with.

If you want to work with someone who shares your vision and excitement, we should chat.

I can bring your story to life, and what better time to start our collaboration than RIGHT NOW.  Get a free consultation today.

My goal is to create beautiful stories about the amazing world we live in that others can identify with, learn from, and get excited about!

Let’s make beautiful science together.

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