Thank you for attending the
From Science to Infographic
workshop at InclusiveSciComm!

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What next?

Don’t stop now!  Go create your infographic!

I’m often asked what tools to use for making infographics. There are many ways that you can make your infographic. Any of these tools will work!

  • Pen & ink (markers/highlighters), take a picture with your phone, and share!
  • Create digitally with a free program like Inkscape, GIMP, or Google Slides/Docs/Draw
  • Create digitally with a cheap program such as Affinity Designer or a program you might already have like Powerpoint.
  • Buy professional software such as the Adobe Creative Cloud and use a program like Illustrator or Photoshop to finish your graphic

The 2 things you need to improve any skill!

There are two things you need to improve any skill: Practice & Feedback.


Practice means repetition, but not blind repetition. It’s an iterative process. Just like we did in the workshop, you may need to do some steps multiple times to feel good about it. Focus on practicing the things that you need to improve.

It will probably take you longer than you’d like to get your infographic exactly how you want it, and that’s okay! We all get better with time. Keep working at it, and I know you’ll get there!

Need inspiration?

I regularly blog about visual science, and I’m happy to share my knowledge about art & design. Take a look at what’s already available, and let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to see covered.

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I would LOVE to see your infographic. Please share it with me!  You can email it to me at, or you can put it up on social media and tag me (Twitter: @GaiusDiviFilius, Instagram: @ProcessofInQUEERy).

Feedback catapults success!

When I was in art school, we had critiques. Every person in the room was looking at my pieces, judging them, saying what needed to be improved. Some professors were encouraging, others not so much. But I learned more about what I needed to improve from these critiques than I did from just drawing something over and over again.

You’ve seen my style in the mini-critiques that we did at the workshop. I aim to be encouraging, to help you tell your story, and to give you insights that you can take action on. I mainly gave conceptual critiques, but I also provide services to redline your work and provide in-depth critiques that will make your infographic (or any other creative project) more effective.

So if you don’t feel ready to finish your infographic, I offer services to help you out:

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Workshop materials

Click the handouts you want below, and go make magic happen:

Thank you one more time for joining me at the From Science to Infographic Workshop at InclusiveSciComm!

I hope this won’t be the last time I see you!