Halloween is a special time of year for me. It’s a time of reflection, of remembering what I’ve accomplished so far. But it’s also a time of imagination, where I take time to consider what is yet to come. More than a costuming party (which is amazing already), Halloween marks a time of year that is important for my chosen family and community.

I decided to share some of that energy with you all this year.

These two pieces were inspired by science. Inspired by how much we’ve learned about how cells function, the diversity of cellular life, and how cells interact with each other. But also inspired by the vast distances we’ve traveled and the technology we’ve created to find out more about the solar system, the galaxy, and the universe we live in.

Despite how far we’ve come, there’s so much left to learn. For each of us as individuals, and also for humans as a whole. There are so many questions, and the things that are too tiny or too far away to see with the naked eye hold many mysteries. But there’s a magic in knowing that there are still answers to be found and so many talented people working every day to find them.

I designed the following images to be easy to share, so feel free to save them and send them to your favorite science lover! Happy Halloween!

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Don’t forget to take some time to reflect on your accomplishments. The year is in its final quarter, but there’s still time to wrap up your projects or plan a new one.

Are you dressing up for Halloween this year? Do you have a go-to costume or do you love to experiment? Whether you have a nerdy costume party planned or are simply going to enjoy some scary reading or movies, be safe.

Happy Halloween!

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