Initial Thoughts

Contact me today

Thank you for your interest in hiring me. I’m dedicated to improving communication projects with fun and dynamic visuals. I can create these for you, or I also am available for private coaching or group professional development. Every process starts with a consultation. It is always best to get your creative team involved as early as possible, so now is the best time to contact me.

Once we’ve decided to move forward, the following should help you understand the process.

Coaching & Consulting:

I can help you with your visual project or answer questions over video chat. Technology has moved to the point where we can see each other, speak to each other, share our screens, and even draw together. If you’re interested in improving your project or learning new skills, this is the way to go!

The consultation helps me fine tune a coaching plan that’s customized for your needs. I require payment for the first session to be paid before scheduling, and additional sessions must be paid within 24 hours of the session they are paying for.

Each coaching session starts with a checkin. I then discuss the plans or goals for the session. Once we’ve completed the session, I do a recap of the session’s journey and provide insight into the next step. I typically schedule the next session at the end of the session and send a followup email with notes & resources that we talked about.

Coaching is a commitment, and I do my best to provide actionable advice and examples to help you move forward in your skills and projects. As such, I expect that you will complete any tasks I assign, communicate any struggles, and complete the agreed upon number of sessions.

Workshops & Seminars:

The Process

  1. We will discuss your needs for the seminar, including dates, expenses, pricing, speaking commitments, and other necessary details. This takes 30-45 minutes.
  2. I will send you a contract that includes these details and pricing information. I typically require at least 50% deposit to book my time and the remaining balance paid before my travel begins.
  3. If necessary, we will discuss changes to the contract and I will redraft and send you the revised version.
  4. I will prepare worksheets and presentations to your specifications.  I will send worksheets to you to be printed.
  5. An exciting time of learning happens!

Visual Commissions:

The Process

  1. We will discuss the details of the commission.
  2. I will draft an estimate, which will include the terms & conditions of our contract and a detailed timeline of what to expect.
  3. Once you accept the estimate, I will send you an invoice. In most cases, I require a 50% deposit to begin work. If I have not worked with you before, or if the project involves several stages, this deposit may be more or less than 50%.
  4. I will send you work-in-progress updates. I typically include 1 round of revisions in my contracts.
  5. The final product is sent to you in all relevant file formats. Final payment is required within 24 hours of final delivery.