Learn Adobe Illustrator 101 Workshop

Get Started With Adobe Illustrator

New programs are always frustrating at first. The Adobe Creative Cloud suite programs are known for being equally feature-rich and overwhelming. Illustrator is the program you need if you want to make vector graphics. I use Illustrator for most of my infographics and vector-based illustrations.

Here you’ll learn the basics of Illustrator, from understanding the interface to finishing off your creation. Digitizing my workshop is still in progress, so check in regularly for new content.

Best Art Programs to Try Out Today

Best Art Programs to Try Out Today

One of my most requested topics, the best art programs for illustrating and animating! Before you jump into Illustrator, you may want to consider all your options.

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Get Started With Adobe Illustrator 1

Getting Started in Illustrator

People often tell me they’re intimidated by Illustrator’s interface. So many buttons & options! In this post, I break it down to ease your mind about the interface. You can learn Adobe Illustrator. You just need a step in the right direction.

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Get Started With Adobe Illustrator 2

Navigation in Adobe Illustrator

Before you can start drawing in Illustrator, maybe you need some help figuring out how to move around the artboard or choose a layer to draw on! This tutorial will get you comfortable navigating your artwork.

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Get Started With Adobe Illustrator 3

Mastering the Shape Tool in Adobe Illustrator

In this article, you’ll get the info you need to master ALL the shape tools. From circles to stars, here are the nitty gritty details to customize shapes.

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Get Started With Adobe Illustrator 4

Merge and Alter Shapes in Adobe Illustrator with the Pathfinder Panel

The pathfinder panel is powerful and one of the main tools I keep handy when making new artwork. Learn to use the pathfinder panel to combine and divide shapes.

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