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Gaius, smiling
It’s me, Gaius Augustus, looking more professional than I actually do in real life.

I’m a “me”, not a “we”.

I started creating science art because science was hard! I had a lot of trouble understanding it, and the only way I could wrap my head around the most complex topics was to draw it out!

Communicating through storytelling isn’t a new idea. Visual storytelling has been around as long as humans have! I guess that means I’m going back to our collective roots, and I hope that you’ll join me.

Joining this membership means being in a community with me. I’m ready to build a personal connection with you so that together we can take over the world improve science communication for all!

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You’re here for my dry humor and cat pictures, but you get some actual perks as well.  WOAH! That’s a pretty inclusive list of exclusives!!

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On top of that, you get discounts on every workshop I give and regular discount codes for products in my shop.

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Not only do you get priority access to my workshops, you also get first dibs on 1-on-1 appointments and free consultations with me!

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