Thanks for joining me for the Q&A on March 14th! I wanted to share a couple resources for you to help you in making infographics of your own.

First of all, I have several blog posts that can explain ways that I use to simplify science.

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I’ve also prepared a few resources to give you a bit more help.

First, I believe that starting with a plan is the most important part of creating an infographic. So here’s an example of how I plan my infographics.

Parenting Science Gang Q&A 3/13/2019 1

It’s also important to get an understanding of a few basic principles of design. Here are examples of the most important for infographics.

Parenting Science Gang Q&A 3/13/2019 2

Thank you again for the amazing questions, and I hope I gave you some insights into how I approach my creative work. Good luck with your own project!

Looking for more?

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  • I’m holding an online workshop called From Science to Infographic on April 6th & 7th. You can find out more here.
  • Want more personal help? I also offer tutoring services. See more info here.
  • Need something not listed? Feel free to contact me, and we can discuss how else I can help you.