Anna Christensen, MPH

Tucson, Arizona, USA | Senior Communications Coordinator, University of Arizona

Anna Christensen, MPH

Senior Communications Coordinator
University of Arizona Cancer Center


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Infographics, Illustration, and Writing Project
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Video Project
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Infographics Projects
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Animation Project
A graphic explaining the immune system, based around how T cells should prevent cancer
Infographics and Writing Project
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Animation Project

When it comes to science communication, Gaius is a true “unicorn,” bringing together backgrounds in art and science to create eye-catching and informative images. He produced graphics for the 2018 issues of Act Against Cancer, the UA Cancer Center donor magazine, collaborating on their conceptualization, spearheading the necessary background research, and seeing them through the production process. He was very easy to work with on revisions, offering insight into keeping information scientifically accurate while striving to keep language accessible to the general public. All of this with a keen eye to aesthetics.

Gaius also produced several infographics for the UA Cancer Center website, adding an extra dimension to the stories we were sharing with our audience. They really made our website “pop”!

With very few resources, Gaius was able to put together a video and two animations for the UA Cancer Center website. Taking our stories in a multimedia direction was very exciting, and I appreciated the talent and expertise he brought to the table. The video project involved interviewing 14 physicians and scientists. Gaius took the lead on setting up the space and cameras, and miking and lighting all subjects. He often asked insightful follow-up questions during the interviews. Using transcripts, he helped put scripts together and did all the editing, including correcting sound and inserting background music. In the first three months, the video received 1.3K views on Facebook and 41 “likes,” which exceeds our average response by far.

The two animations, which accompanied press releases, illustrated complex scientific concepts for a general audience. He worked with me to ensure accessibility to a general audience and with the scientists to ensure accuracy. One of these animations was used by the local news.

I received many compliments from other communication professionals who had seen his work in our press releases, magazine, and website, and were impressed by what Gaius contributed to our small unit. He made us look very good.

Overall, I found Gaius to be responsive, prompt, and flexible — an absolute joy to work with. He would enhance any team lucky enough to have him.